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A Comprehensive Guide to Operating and Maintaining Enclosed Electric Tricycles

Electric tricycles have become a popular and eco-friendly choice for urban transportation. To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with your enclosed electric tricycle, it’s crucial to understand the following usage instructions and safety precautions:

Startup and Shutdown:

Before starting the vehicle, ensure that the electric tricycle is connected to the power source and check the battery level.
Only initiate startup when the electric tricycle is completely stationary.
Prior to shutting down, ensure the vehicle is fully stopped, and press the brake pedal down.

Safe Driving Practices:

While driving, adhere strictly to traffic rules and regulations.
Avoid carrying items exceeding the vehicle’s load capacity to maintain stability during travel.

Multi-functional Control Panel:

Familiarize yourself with the multi-functional control panel to monitor the vehicle’s status and battery level.
Regularly check the panel for error codes, and promptly contact our after-sales service team if any abnormalities occur.

Charging Guidelines:

Use the provided charger for charging, ensuring the charging socket and circuit are in proper working order.
It is recommended to charge the electric tricycle when not in use to maintain battery performance.

Safety Measures:

Ensure windows are closed during operation to enhance protective capabilities.
In adverse weather conditions, wear a safety helmet to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.

Regular Maintenance:

Periodically check tire pressure, braking systems, and lighting systems to ensure all vehicle functions are normal.
If abnormal noises, odors, or other issues arise, immediately park the vehicle, inspect, and contact professional maintenance personnel for repairs.

Child Safety:

Enclosed electric tricycles are not suitable for children to drive independently or sit in the front seat.
If transporting children, use a dedicated child seat and ensure it is securely installed.

Environmental Responsibility:

Properly dispose of used batteries following environmental regulations.

By adhering to these guidelines and precautions, you’ll ensure a smooth, safe, and environmentally conscious experience with your enclosed electric tricycle. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team for assistance. Happy and eco-friendly travels!

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