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Exploring the Future: 4G Smart Control Leading the Innovation of Low-Speed Electric Cars

In this era of pursuing environmental friendliness and style, a revolutionary low-speed electric car quietly arrives, elevating your travel experience to new heights. Let’s uncover together the unique design and outstanding performance of this vehicle.

Exploring the Future 4G Smart Control Leading the Innovation of Low-Speed Electric Cars - Cyclemix

Battery Drive: Equipped with a 60V 58A/100A lead-acid battery, contributing to eco-friendly transportation while ensuring reliable range for your daily commuting needs.

Efficient Motor: Powered by a robust 2000W motor, reaching a maximum speed of 35km/h (optional: 3000W, maximum speed: 43km/h), allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating feeling of swift and smooth travel, whether on city streets or suburban paths.

Braking System: An efficient front disc brake/rear drum brake system ensures outstanding braking performance, providing a reliable safeguard for your driving. The tire sizes of 145/70-R12 for the front and rear further enhance vehicle stability and traction.

Vehicle Configuration: With a total weight (excluding the battery) of only 440kg, it is equipped with rich features such as a dashboard, seats, sun visors, front bumper, reverse image, electric heater, windshield wiper, anti-theft alarm, spotlight, sunroof, fan, manual lift windows, and mobile phone charging (USB), providing a comfortable and secure driving environment.

Intelligent Technology: This low-speed electric car stands out with its 4G smart control system, offering a new experience of intelligent driving. Through the central control screen, drivers can easily access functions like navigation, entertainment, and vehicle condition monitoring, making driving more convenient and intelligent.

Connectivity Experience: 4G connectivity not only enhances information transmission speed but also enables convenient features such as remote control and remote queries. Regardless of time or location, you can have a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle’s condition, providing a more reassuring and enjoyable travel experience.

This low-speed electric car not only meets the green and eco-friendly travel demands but also leads the future of travel with its outstanding performance, intelligent configuration, and 4G smart control system. Whether in driving experience or technological sensation, it will be your optimal choice for travel. Let’s jointly embrace this era of innovation and style, initiating a smarter and greener journey into the future.

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