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Rapid Growth of Electric Vehicles in Indonesia Fuels Flourishing lectric Vehicles

With the increasing prominence of environmental awareness, the quantity of electric four-wheelers in Indonesia has witnessed significant expansion in recent years, infusing urban transportation with newfound vitality. According to the latest data, the count of electric motorbike surged from a mere 1,947 units in 2020 to 26,000 units by the end of 2022. Simultaneously, the number of 4 wheel electric bike exhibited remarkable growth over the past year, leaping from 230 units in 2020 to 7,600 units, marking a staggering 33-fold increase.

Rapid Growth of Electric Vehicles in Indonesia Fuels Flourishing lectric Vehicles - Cyclemix

Furthermore, Indonesia’s electric mobility services sector has achieved a significant milestone. Taxi service giant Blue Bird introduced 30 electric cars in 2019 and outlined an ambitious goal of operating 2,000 electric cars by 2025. Not to be outdone, Grab also stepped up, launching the Grab Car Electric taxi service in 2019. According to Neneng Goenadi, Grab’s Indonesia Managing Director, in an interview with The Washington Post last week, the company plans to provide its transportation partners with up to 26,000 electric cars by 2025.

The government has shown active involvement in promoting electric Vehicles, announcing ambitious targets: deploying 400,000 4 wheel electric bike and 1.76 million electric motorcycle on the roads by 2025. The proclamation of this goal will further propel the widespread adoption of electric mobility, fostering positive changes in Indonesia’s urban transportation and environment.

The rapid growth in the quantity of electric vehicles in Indonesia not only reflects the surge in eco-friendly travel but also underscores Indonesia’s proactive pursuit of a sustainable transportation future. electric Vehicles is gradually becoming a vital component of Indonesia’s urban transportation, making a significant contribution to the country’s sustainable development objectives.

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