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RuJing Technology’s New Investment Project Propels the Electric Moped Industry into a Golden Era

RuJing Technology recently unveiled its funded project, the “New Energy Vehicle Electronics and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Base,” injecting powerful momentum into the electric moped industry. The planned expansion in the areas of HVAC/R, new energy vehicle thermal management systems, and industrial servo drive and control systems will be pivotal in upgrading the future of electric mopeds.

RuJing Technology’s investment in servo drive and control systems has enabled it to achieve bulk sales in industries such as industrial robotics and electronic manufacturing. According to the latest financial data, RuJing Technology’s annual revenue has shown continuous growth over the past five years, with further expected enhancement under the influence of the new project.

Industry analysts predict that the global electric moped market will maintain rapid growth in the coming years. According to data from the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric mopeds accounted for approximately 25% of the global new energy vehicle market in 2022. With the rise of emerging markets and increasing consumer focus on environmentally friendly transportation, this percentage is expected to continue rising.

According to market research firm projections, the global sales of electric mopeds in 2022 are expected to exceed 20 million units, representing a year-on-year growth of over 30%. The Asia-Pacific region is poised to become the largest market, capturing over 50% of the global market share. This growth trend indicates that the electric moped industry is entering a golden era, set to experience rapid development in the coming years.

In addition to its investment in servo technology, RuJing Technology’s strategic positioning is also noteworthy. Through the planned expansion in HVAC/R and new energy vehicle thermal management systems, the company aims to further broaden its market share in the electric moped industry. This diversified strategy positions RuJing Technology to seize more opportunities in the competitive landscape of the electric moped industry.

RuJing Technology’s investment in the new project not only accelerates its rise in the electric moped industry but also injects vitality into the future of electric transportation. As the electric moped market continues to expand, RuJing Technology is poised to be one of the leading innovators, contributing to the advancement of sustainable global transportation. The electric moped industry is entering a golden era, providing more choices for environmentally friendly and efficient transportation, and contributing to the realization of global sustainable development.

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