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Top electric motorcycle brands in the market

Welcome to our blog where we present the top electric motorcycle brands in the market. Today, we have CYCLIEMIX, the leading brand of the Chinese Electric Motorcycle Alliance. With its classic eagle-like design, powerful square-shaped headlights, and a large LED display, CYCLIEMIX stands out as a stylish choice in the electric motorcycle industry.

Top electric motorcycle brands in the market - Cyclemix

What sets this electric motorcycle apart is its EEC certification, which ensures compliance with European Union standards. The high-quality paintwork gives it a smooth and shiny appearance. Equipped with 90/90-10 inch tires and front and rear hydraulic suspension, this bike offers superior traction and load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for steep slopes and providing a smoother ride. The dual-disc brake design enhances braking efficiency, ensuring a safer riding experience. Additionally, the special dual lithium battery seat barrel can accommodate two 72V20A lithium batteries, allowing for longer range and convenient charging. The patented balanced power system paired with lithium batteries increases the range by 10-15 kilometers compared to regular battery configurations. With a lifespan of 3-4 years and a quick charging time of 3-4 hours, the overall usage lifespan of this bike exceeds 7 years.

Introducing YW-06, the model that encompasses all these features and more. This electric motorcycle from CYCLIEMIX not only showcases stunning aesthetics but also ensures high performance on the road. Whether you are looking for a fashionable ride or a reliable vehicle for daily commuting, YW-06 ticks all the boxes. Its innovative battery technology, extended range, and robust construction make it a top choice among electric motorcycle enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on experiencing the thrill and convenience offered by CYCLIEMIX’s YW-06!

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