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Elevate Your Commute with the Future of Mobility – Introducing the 48V60V Electric Tricycle

In the fast-paced world of urban living, your commute just got an upgrade! Meet the 48V/60V Electric Tricycle – a powerful and eco-friendly solution designed to transform your daily journey. Let’s explore why this trike is the perfect choice for the modern urbanite.

Unmatched Power and Endurance

48V/60V 58Ah Lead-Acid Battery

Experience the freedom to roam with a robust 58Ah lead-acid battery, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting power source. Say goodbye to range anxiety as you enjoy a full charging range of 60 kilometers – perfect for tackling city commutes, errands, or leisurely rides.

Smooth Riding, Any Terrain

Advanced Suspension Systems Take on the urban landscape with confidence. The Ф37 inner spring front suspension system and dual soft connection 8 kg steel plate spring rear suspension system ensure a comfortable and stable ride. Conquer inclines with ease, thanks to a climbing angle of 9-12°.

Front and Rear Tires (Siz 3.75-12/4.00-12)

Experience superior traction and maneuverability with thoughtfully matched front and rear tire sizes. The 48V60V Electric Tricycle effortlessly glides over various terrains, providing a smooth and controlled journey.

Smart Design, Spacious Comfort

Dimensions: 295011801330 mm Compact yet spacious, the trike’s dimensions strike the perfect balance for urban mobility. Navigate through traffic with ease, and park effortlessly in tight spaces.

Integrated Rear Axle Assembly

The one-piece rear axle assembly not only enhances stability but also showcases the tricycle’s intelligent engineering. Safety and innovation go hand in hand.

Tailored for Modern Urbanites

Whether you’re a city commuter, a busy professional, or a family looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the 48V60V Electric Tricycle is your ideal choice. Experience the fusion of power, efficiency, and comfort as you redefine your daily commute with this futuristic tricycle. Elevate your journey – embrace the future of mobility!

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