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Low-Speed Electric Vehicle Pioneer, Carefree Commuting!

In the bustling streets of the city, a highly anticipated low-speed electric vehicle is leading the way with its outstanding performance and thoughtful features. Let’s delve into the unique aspects of the 60V 58A low-speed electric vehicle, exploring its distinctive features and the considerations to keep in mind while driving.

Equipped with a high-performance 60V 58A lead-acid battery, this low-speed electric vehicle offers a full charging range of 55-75 kilometers, providing an extended range for short-distance urban travel. The controller, designed with 60V/72V 18 tubes, ensures agile and responsive handling, while a climbing angle of 15° effortlessly tackles urban slopes.

Beyond basic features, this electric vehicle boasts a range of considerate designs, such as hazard lights, anti-tilt function, license plate light, linked brakes, sun visor, electric heater, windshield wiper, dome light, rear-penetrating light, rear fog light, central locking, anti-theft alarm, child lock, sunroof + fan, and mobile phone charging (USB). The braking system, utilizing a disc-type brake, ensures safety and reliability during travel.

With a wheelbase of 1675 millimeters, the vehicle provides a spacious and comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the power windows offer convenient usage for the driver.

Driving Considerations, Safety First

Charging Safety: When charging, use the original charging equipment provided by the manufacturer to ensure a safe and reliable charging process.

Control Caution: During driving, especially when climbing, maintain a reasonable speed and avoid excessive use of the brake system to prolong its lifespan.

Sunroof Usage: When using the sunroof, be mindful of the surrounding environment and avoid usage in low-clearance or when there are obstructions.

Child Lock: If transporting children, ensure that the child lock is activated to prevent accidental door operations during travel.

Safe Parking: Utilize the central locking system for secure parking, and activating the anti-theft alarm provides an additional protective measure.

Through these considerate designs and driving considerations, the 60V 58A low-speed electric vehicle offers drivers a safer, more convenient, and enjoyable commuting experience, becoming an indispensable green travel tool in urban life.

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